Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny? For Caring Dog Lovers.


Hello everyone! This is another step in our series of articles on German Shepherds. I hope you have already gone through our articles on German Shepherd Signs of Affection and Do German Shepherds Have Webbed Feet? Today’s article is going to answer, ‘why is my German Shepherd So Skinny?’. As we are familiar with well-bred German Shepherd dogs, skinny ones are not common. So, what is your idea? Well, those who have German Shepherd dogs at home can perhaps experience this problem. Without further delay let us learn the reasons behind German Shepherds getting skinny.

What is the average weight of German Shepherd dogs?

An average male German Shepherd weighs between 66-88lbs while a female German Shepherd weighs between 49-71lbs. however, these amounts should tally with their sizes as well. In general, male animals grow between 24-26″. And female ones grow between 22-24″. S

Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny?

Basically, this is due to the lack of calories they are getting daily. The average calory requirement for a German Shepherd lies between 1270 – 1540 calories. However, this is for those who are not active. So that, active German Shepherd dogs need to have calories between 1740 – 2100 level. If your German Shepherd is not getting that much of calories, they may look skinny. 

What Are the Symptoms of An Underweight German Shepherd?

Obviously, they will be skinny. And they are underweight. Besides, there are several other symptoms too.

Lethargy/ Lack of vigorIf your German Shepherd is skinny, it lacks energy. Hence, it is not going to be active and playful. Due to the insufficient nutrient levels, they lack energy, and they are prone to illnesses.
Dull, Lifeless Coat  The more your German Shepherd is skinny, the larger his nutrient deficiency will be. Consequently, they will have a dull lifeless coat. Due to lack of appetite and improper diets their bodies begin to suffer.  
Deteriorating Muscles  Same as the lifeless coat, German Shepherds will succumb to deteriorating muscles too. The common reason is lack of nutrients they get daily.
Lack of Appetite/ Vomiting/Diarrhea  Apart from physical changes in body shape, German Shepherd experience digestion troubles too. As a result, they will undergo experience loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, these symptoms can be due to another serious health issue too.
Ribcage Showing  Even though this is not common, this is a possible sign. In extreme cases of skinny German Shepherds ribcage will show. Do not let your German Shepherd suffer up to this level. Instead take care of them and meet your vet as required.
German Shepherd Signs of affection
Why is My German Shepherd so skinny?

How To identify Skinny German Shepherds

Things like weight loss is obvious. But there are things that you have to pay attention other than mere appearance. Then only you can prevent you German Shepherd being overweight or skinny.

Keen observationBy looking down at your German Shepherd, you can get a clear idea whether they are skinny or not. When it is standing up, you can stand over them and have a look. Normally, they will look full. However, if you notice German Shepherd’s body to be more hourglass, that may hint that it is underweight.
Feeling ribsFeeling and noticing ribs are two different things. If their ribs are apparent, then it is serious issue. If you feel your German Shepherd’s ribs like skin and bone, he is underweight.

Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny?

If you notice the afore-mentioned symptoms, you need to take your German Shepherd toa vet. Because they lack nutrients that they daily need. However, that does not mean you are not feeding them. There may be reasons for their appetite loss or poor digestion. The following are a few reasons why a German Shepherd is so skinny.

Poor Nutrition Levels /Underfeeding  Sometimes, German Shepherd owners are not aware of ideal diet for their pets. No matter how punctual and concerned they in feeding their pet, their nutrient levels will fall due to lack of healthy food. Furthermore, some people are not familiar with how often to feed German Shepherds and the suitable amount to feed. Due to the absence of a proper measure, owners may feed different amounts each day. The worst that can happen is, sometimes they are not properly fed. Therefore, it is high likely not to have the required calory level per day.
Parasites & Illness  Due to parasites or diseases, your German Shepherd will suffer a lot. That is why it is better to meet a vet and verify the issue of your German Shepherd.

Why German Shepherds so skinny? Eating Disorders

Apart from nutrient deficiencies, there are some others reason behind a skinny German Shepherd.

  1. Having an old German Shepherd who has less appetite
  2. Change of environment
  3. Being picky eaters

So, make sure your German Shepherds are both physically and mentally feeling fine. Because skinny German Shepherds may not be only due to the lack of food but lack of your concern.

How can I fatten up my German Shepherd?

Keeping what you have already learnt today, you can follow some more steps as well. Simply pay attention to the following steps and see how your pup is going to recover soon.

  1. Try Puppy Food and wet food
  2. Let Your German Shepherd Eat When They Want
  3. Increase The Number of Meals You Give Them
  4. Give Them More Treats
  5. Pay attention to the level of Calories
  6. Try Making Home-Made Treats
  7. Try to Weigh Them Weekly



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