Tiny weeds
Tiny weeds

Today the topic is Tiny Weeds. No wonder how much trouble they make. Undoubtedly they grow in any garden or by the sides of roads. Unlike other plants that need special care, weeds grow simply fast and without our knowledge. However, letting them invade your garden is not a good thing. On one hand, tiny weeds may absorb nutrients required to other plants. On the other hand, they are likely to harbor pests and diseases. So, let us start from the simple question what a weed is.

What is a weed? and common tiny weeds

As I mentioned earlier, weeds are everywhere, and they have number of species. Simply as weed is a plant causing damages to the growth of other plants. This particular damage can include ecological damages and economic losses. Apart from that, they are likely to create health issues for humans or animals. As a whole, earth shelters approximately 250,000 species of plants. Among them, there are only about 3% of them that act as a weed.

However, weed is not completely useless. In the history of India, we have heard the story of Jivaka medical student who finally came to realize that there is not any plant out of the use of medical use.

Simply we do not want a mere weed to damage our cultivated areas. However, some of them add organic matter to the soil and stabilize soil. And also, there are some edible categories of them in the world. During world war season some people had to depend on even tiny weeds too.

Types of Tiny Weeds

In general weeds are many. Among them, one important category you need to know is noxious weeds. Besides there are other common weeds. 

So, what are noxious ?

This type of weeds is difficult to control, and they are highly destructive. Therefore, federal state or law prohibit noxious weeds. Therefore, these authorities take actions to prevent the growth of noxious weeds. Because they cause damage to other crop cultiavtions. These are weeds that are prohibited or controlled by law on a federal or state level.

Some of the noxious weeds are,

  1. bindweed
  2. quackgrass
  3. Canada thistle
  4. yellow nutsedge
  5. buckhorn plantain

Tiny Weeds That You Never Need to Seed

This problem is not new. They have been there like all the other plants. Therefore, they are continuing as every other thing. If you want to control them, then the best way is prevention. Most common method to control is using herbicides. However, it is better to go for non-chemical weed control method if possible.

How To Prevent?

There are several ways that you can control this trouble. In brief, they are as follows.

When uprooting them, it is necessary to do it carefully. Then you can reduce spreading their seeds on the surface.  Digging This is easy when there the ground is moist during rainy season.

Then you need to properly clean the tools you used in order to decrease spreading weed seeds.

Reason For Tiny Weed Spread

However, there are some matters that are out of your control. Because agriculture is a multinational level business. Hence, agriculture related services are commercialized. Therefore, some mulch, manure, compost, and soil include weeds. This is purposely continued process with future plans for increasing demand for fertilizer in the future.

One example I can give you is the failure of apple cultivation in Sri Lanka. Even though Sri Lankan climate is not the ideal one for this cultivation, a proper researcher made it possible. However. A foreign group of investigators recommended application of fertilizer to that cultivation. As a result, the prosperous cultivation deteriorated and collapsed. The reason was pest attack activated due to the recommended fertilizer. So that, you have to carefully choose fertilizer and soil.

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