The Best Dog for Scared Child : Q and A

The best dog for scared child
The best dog for scared child

Even though the best and most familiar pet of the era is dog, there are exceptions. Here I refer to those who do not like dogs. Actually, this dislike can be due to Cynophobia, the fear of dogs. Most of the time, this particular cynophobia is diagnosed through clinical interviews and questionnaires. However, there are people who refuse to get close to dogs due to their fear of dogs. However, children who are afraid of dogs, do not mean that their fear lasts for a long time and with efforts. Because their fear can vanish over time. That is why we are going to give you good suggestions on the best dog for scared child.

Why Children Are Afraid of Dogs?

The best dog for scared child

“I’m afraid of dogs!” “Don’t bring them near me!”

I hope these words are hardly new to you. Since children have lots of fears, their fear for dogs is not a big surprise. Similar to the other fears they have, their fear for dogs is also a short time phobia. However, you can study why they are afraid of dogs and give solutions to those roots. I can point out few reasons why children are afraid of dogs.

Reason for fear of dogsDescription or Solution
Fear from manifests of others (parents/relatives/friends)  Elders, relatives, or friends who have had former bad experience with dogs can project anxiety onto children too.
Timid children with lack of canine interactionFor this type of children, the best solution can be spending more time on one-on-one interactions.
Traumatic experienceYou or your child having a flesh wound form a dog bite, the child being traumatised by growling, barking or an unforgettably fearful experience from the neighbour’s dog.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Fear of Dogs?

The best dog for scared child

If you are planning not to adopt a dog because your child is afraid, that is completely fine. But you cannot always restrict the interaction between your child and a stray dog. Time to time, you may take your child for a walk or to a playground. So that, you cannot expect these places to be out of dog sight. After all, dogs are common pets. Many people in your circle of acquaintance may have dogs. That will make it difficult for you to save your child from dogs. So dear friends, this is high time you need to get an effective solution. And we are here to help you with that.

The Best Dog for Scared Child

According to the above Table, there are three main reasons why children are scared of dogs. But that does not say their fear is consistent. Sometime, fear may rise due to the physical appearance and behaviour of certain dog breeds. Therefore, I am going to list out some dog breeds suitable for children with cynophobia.

How to choose the Best Dog for Scared Children?

Even though, we pointed out some reasons for cynophobia, they are not the single reasons. Children’s fear for dogs can vary due to situation, experience, and personal issues. Therefore, choosing the best dog breed for a scared child needs following concerns as well.

  1. Size
  2. Temperament
  3. Exercise/Grooming requirements
  4. Other specifics such as head shape, muscularity, and colour

Besides the above concerns, you can talk to your child and give a good picture about dogs. To begin with you can relate fascinating stories about dogs to your child. Most of their fears are irrational. So, you can change their mind little by little.

The best dog for scared child

The Best Dogs for Scared Children

Dog BreedSpecial Features
Golden Retriever  Golden Retrievers are the most popular breeds in the US. Their friendliness and intelligence are good for beginners for adoption. (For shy kids)
Beagle  Beagles do not have an intimidating look. They love to be with children and their medium size, not too loud barking is fine match for scared children.
Bernese Mountain Dog  This breed is reputed for their calm and good nature. But their bigger growth can be intimidating to scared children.
Poodle  Comparatively low-maintenance, low aggressiveness is helpful for children who are afraid of dogs. Their attractive big expressive eyes and curly hair make them lovely and less scary.
Irish Setter  They are ideal for shy children as they are playful and familiar. It is very unlikely for them to be aggressive.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is also a good choice for introverted kids. They are good companions and friends. They are playful but can be a bit stubborn during the training.
German Shepherd  German Shepherds are loyal and protective dogs. They grow big but they are good for shy children.


Why Dogs Do Not Like Children?

Like children who are scared of dogs, there are dogs that have issues with get along with kids. But there is nothing to worry if your dog is not in the above list. We have mentioned only a handful of breeds. Basically, what you need to clarify is even the friendliest Golden Retrievers can take time to be friendly. Therefore, some dogs can be aggressive as well as friendly with people. All of them depends on the previous experiences of the dog. Therefore, you cannot easily jump into a decision that the particular dog breed is the best for a scared child because it depends.

The same way you pay attention to your child’s mentality, you spare a thought for the dog as well. Perhaps they lack your attention. They are also prone to kids’ mischievous and unkind treatment. Therefore, even the calmest breed can turn wild. At the same time, the scariest dog can become friendly with the way you treat him.

The best dog for scared child

How to Keep Your Child and Dog Together?

this requires special attention. Because the dog and the child, both are not fully rational. They need proper guidance. Form your side, you can teach your child how to treat a dog, and how to behave with their pet. Even a scared child can make friends with a dog if you follow the correct way.

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