Rehabilitation of orangutans in “Orangutan Jungle School”.

Orangutan jungle school
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Today’s wildlife is at a certain risk due to the inadvertence demonstrated by current society. Deforestation and threats of poachers are rising each day. As a result, endemic herbals and animals leave this globe forever gradually. Consequently, primates living in tropical forests undergo an insecure lifestyle. The pathetic plight of Orangutans is one such story. Those who are native to Malaysia and Indonesia were decreasing in number within the past few decades. By now, their fate is fairly different from an endangered species. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bornean Orangutans are endangered critically due to the compulsory forest clearing activities that focus on human settlements, agriculture purposes, and mining activities. Due to this particular dislocation and other life threats that Orangutans are made to tolerate each day, make them violent and conflict with people who tend to kill Orangutans in the end. This is inhumane, without any doubt. As a practical action taken for their conservation, Orangutan jungle school plays an exemplary role in rehabilitation of orangutan.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS)

This organizational body serves to protect and shelter the orphaned Orangutans in need. Their remarkable contribution is a bit beyond a typical Orangutan habitat because of the jungle school program. The CEO of BOS Jamartin Sihite says, “Our forest school program is designed to prepare young Orangutans for a life in their natural forest homes”. Therefore, the BOS service is appreciative in regard to life skill teaching and financial assistance. Besides, interested third parties, either organizations or Orangutan lovers around the world, can contribute to the funding system at Borneo Orangutan rehabilitation Foundation.

The Orangutan Jungle School

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The Orangutan jungle school is a non-profit organization and a television program (Nature documentary series) based on Orangutan conservation and rehabilitation. This program reaches a worldwide audience from NHNZ, the well-known producers of Orangutan Island. The program brings out the lifestyles of rescued Orangutans who live in Orangutan jungle school in Central Kalimantan Indonesia.

Life at Jungle School
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Orangutans learn lots of skills from their mothers when they are young. The eight-year-old Orangutans reach the adolescent period of their lives, and they are aware of their role as working towards future offspring. But the orphaned Orangutans have no means to learn survival methods due to their tragic fate. So that, in jungle school, human surrogate mothers teach them life skills by adopting approximately 300 orphaned Orangutans. 

Yooo! Buah, yooo!

This is the typical morning alarm that surrogate human mothers spell each morning to wake up little Orangutans. Around eight a. m they keenly respond to the call out as they know that it’s time to eat and go to school. Similar to the hectic weekdays of human beings, Orangutans spend busy mornings while preparing to head to the center and play with their mates. Watching the surrogate human mothers and workers escorting them to the jungle school by wheelbarrows will make your day.

What are the Skills they should learn ?

Now you may wonder what the types of skills that they learn at jungle school. Initially, these skills focus on self-survival. For the ease of teaching and taking care of, these Orangutans are divided into “classes” based on their age. And they are learning mainly, 

  • Eating habits.
    • Peel rattan.
    • Suck termites with teeth.
  • travel and find food.
  • How to deal with enemies and predators.
  • To choose resting spots.
  • How to find their life partners. 

Next step before releasing them to the jungle.

Once the training period is over, the Orangutans are kept in a separate quarantine complex to make sure that they are in good health condition. But this is not the last step of their jungle school training. Before releasing them into jungles, Orangutans are moved into an island. This island is the final test they face in order to verify that they are good to go.

More Information

As I told at the beginning, Orangutan Jungle School is a Smithsonian Channel, and you can enjoy how these small and naïve Orangutans spend their lives there. Visiting these adorable Orangutans is not as simple as visiting a zoo. Anyone who visits Indonesia requires to wait seven days prior to visit jungle school.

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