How To Make Dragons Blood: : Answers to Misconceptions

Dragons blood
How its made dragons blood

How to make dragons blood may certainly have puzzled most of you. Dragons’ blood is not actually about the dragons that tales have revealed. Dragon blood is an ancient type of herbal oil used for variety of ailments.

What is Dragon blood and How to make Dragons blood?

The basic component in Dragon blood is the red colour resin that is obtained from a plant called Dracaena Draco, Croton, Daemonorops, Calamus Rrotang and Pterocarpus. Red resin has multiple uses as dye, medicine, incense and varnish. Even though we typically call Dragon blood as an oil, it is not a pure liquid, but a resin in the solid form. Once we need to use Dragon oil, we have to heat it up and apply for our ailments.

How to make Dragons Blood Step by Step

First, we need to collect the following ingredients to start the process.

Red dragon’s blood resin

Olive oil

An earthenware pot with a lid

A grater or cheesecloth to strain the mixture

Lemon zest (optional)


To begin with, take resins and heat them before use. You can do this by putting the resin in a microwave friendly container and let it heat at 3000 in the oven for 15 minutes. After that, let the heated Dragon’s blood oil cool down.

The second step is to mix the Dragon blood oil with Olive oil. Make sure you add the two oils after the Dragon’s oil is completely cooled down. The percentage of the two ingredients you use to make Dragon oil depends on the kind of texture and consistency that you want the oil to have after the simmering process.

Dragon blood …

After mixing Dragon resin into Olive oil together, simmer away. Then pout them into a saucepan and heat in the medium heat until it reaches the boiling point of 160°F. during this process, you need to stir time to time. Because the mixture is likely to burn when it is not stirred well. Burning will definitely ruin the quality of the oil.

And now you can take off the pan and let it cool down for about 20 minutes. After it is cold enough, strain out leftover plant bits. Now you can bottle up the Dragon blood oil you made for yourself.

However, you can add few clove, cinnamon or drops of honey to add a mesmerising flavour to your own version of Dragon blood oil.

Uses of Dragon blood

Dragon blood is good for both skin care and spiritual practices.

As an antioxidantProtects skin from UV damage and free radicals
As a protectorProtection against microorganisms and irritants on the skin’s surface.
As a healerHeals burns, bites, and sores.
As a skin repairerStimulates elastin production, which helps skin repair itself after injury.
As a remedy for acneHeals acne and inflammation caused by psoriasis or dermatitis.
As an anti-inflammatory and strong antisepticReduces pain caused by inflammation
As a relieverStimulates circulation and tension is released within muscles. Prevents any type of adverse reactions on skin or body. Relief against chronic pain as well.


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