Golden Retriever Aggressive – True or False

Aggressive Golden Retriever
Aggressive Golden Retriever

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers top the list of friendly and intelligent dogs breeds. That is why they have a high demand and reputation. Due to their unbelievable friendliness and sociability, they have a lesser reputation for being good Guard Dogs. You can read more about it in our article Are Golden Retrievers good guard dogs?. However, have you ever heard of Golden Retriever as aggressive? How this is possible? The simple answer is yes, Golden Retrievers can be aggressive. Even the coolest people can turn violent over some matters. Similarly, Golden Retrievers also likely to be aggressive, but not always.

Can Golden Retrievers be aggressive?

In general, Golden Retrievers are not aggressive. Unlike other breeds with quick temper, Golden Retrievers are intelligent and patient. But that does not confirm that Golden Retrievers are senseless.

Can we stand something that hurts us mentally or physically for a long time? Most of us cannot do that. Similarly, Golden Retrievers become aggressive to continuous pain and abuse. However, there are other reasons too.

Why Golden Retrievers are aggressive?

There is no one certain reason for Golden Retrievers to be aggressive. Hence, Golden Retrievers can act aggressively due to following reasons.

Golden Retriever Aggressive
Reason for being aggressiveDescription
History of abuse  A previous experience of abuse makes a shattered personality. Likewise, Golden Retrievers with traumatic memory are likely to be aggressive at times.
Lack of socialization  No matter how friendly Golden Retrievers are, they need proper socialization. Lack of social experience may inculcate fear in the mind of Golden Retriever. As a result, they show aggressive behavior.
Mental disorders  Besides the above situations, some chemical imbalances in dog’s brain can lead to aggressive behaviors.
Irresponsible breeding  Some breeders are merely money minded. Therefore, their concern for dogs is lacking. Decisions to breed puppies without giving much thought to their pedigree can result in aggressive Golden Retrievers.  

How does an aggressive Golden Retriever behave?

Unlike human beings who can show their aggression by words, animals use body language. They give us hints with changes in their usual behavior. Perhaps, they do not look normal, and they may not be obedient when they are aggressive. So, what are the common aggressive reactions of dogs?

Here we go!

  1. Wrinkled nose
  2. Stiffening or freezing up
  1. Showing teeth
  2. Wide eyes
  3. Tense mouth or curled lips
  4. Barking and Growling
  5. Biting
  6. Air snapping
  7. Lunging

Well, I hope you may have noticed some of these traits of your Golden Retriever by now. Or you may have not. Either way, now you know the reason for their aggression. When Golden Retriever are aggressive, they can have one or combination of the above behavior patterns.

When Can Golden Retrievers Become Aggressive

Golden Retriever aggressive

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons for aggressive behavior of Golden Retrievers, the following reasons will also have an impact on aggressive behavior.

  1. When in pain
  2. When they are scared
  3. When overly stimulated
  4. At a situation where there is a fight for a mate
  5. Ensuring their ownership in a territory
  6. Protecting their possessions or food
  7. Protecting their family members

The signs of an aggressive and dominant dog

It is useful to be aware of the aggressive behavior of Golden Retrievers. Then only you can propose a solution for that. And also, you can minimize reasons that make them aggressive. The following are the common signs that you can observe when a Goldie is aggressive.

How To Prevent Aggression in Golden Retrievers?

As now you know why and when Golden Retrievers become aggressive, you can try your best to stop happening that. Well, it may be difficult and out of your control. Because an aggressive Golden Retriever may not be the result of your action always. But still, you can act wisely with an aggressive one. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that aggressive behavior is a result of both genetic and environmental factors. Simply you can follow the below steps to prevent your pet becoming aggressive.

Avoid using punishment  Sometimes people punish their pets to convince things.   This may work at times and may not work at some other times. By using punishment method, you seek obedience.   However, too much punishment or continuous punishment can make Golden Retrievers aggressive.
Choosing the proper breederAs mentioned, aggression is due to genetic and environmental issue.   Therefore, choosing a good breeder is important in this scenario.   Because breeders can choose non-aggressive animals for breeding, and they can socialize the puppies for the first time.
SocializingPlease do not take for granted the friendliness of a Golden Retriever.   Even they can be reserved and aggressive as long as they feel insured and afraid.   Therefore, let them be familiar with people, fellow animals and the surrounding.

What To Do If Your Golden Retriever Is Aggressive

My advice is, if you have an aggressive golden retriever, please contact a professional for help. Because a professional can identify the risks of an aggressive Golden Retriever and you can prepare with some remedies.

Final word on this topic needs to conclude that aggression of a Golden Retriever can be due to several reasons including lack of socialization and traumatic past experience etc. therefore, your Golden Retriever can be aggressive for one or more reasons like that. If you are to deal with this issue, punishment is not the answer. First you need to have patience and give your Goldie some time to recover. If the problem is out of control, do not hesitate to consult a professional. Because the health of your Golden Retriever is important for both the dog and you.

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