German Shepherd Signs of Affection

Why is My German Shepherd so skinny?
Why is My German Shepherd so skinny?

German Shepherd is one of the best dog breeds in the world. Owing to their intelligent and friendly qualities, people love to adopt German Shepherds. Not only people, but also German Shepherds love their owners very much. But are you still wondering whether your German Shepherd loves you or not? Well, that is why we thought of bringing you some important points on German Shepherd signs of affection.

Common ways German Shepherd show some love

  1. Nosing and licking you
  2. Protects you and your house
  3. Follows your orders
  4. Making eye contact
  5. It puts itself into vulnerable positions
  6. Leaning on you
  7. It gets you to rub its belly
  8. Dog brings things to you
  9. It follows you around
  10. It keeps pace with you on walks
  11. Relaxed body language

It noses you

At the inception, dogs are nosing to smell their owners. Therefore, this sign is very common among German Shepherds. In this way they are trying to check where you had been, and how healthy you are. However, nosing is not the single way they show affection. Another way is licking. That is also a sign of submission. The more they lick you the bigger their love for you.

It follows your orders

If your German Shepherd does not hesitate to follow your orders. It is one way of German Shepherds show their affection. Basically, they tend to follow your orders because they trust you. As pets, dogs love to accompany their masters and follow their commands.

It protects you and your home

In an earlier article, we have discussed about good guard dogs. In the best guard dog list, there is German Shepherds. Actually, they will not want to protect you or your home if they do not love you.  Then it would not have any interest in protecting you or your home. Hence, their protective nature will be prominent when they notice a stranger at your doorstep. Furthermore, they are intelligent enough to sense a possible physical threat that might occur to you from an outsider. Therefore, they are never reluctant to challenge a stranger on behalf of you.

It makes eye contact with you

According to scientific aspect, dogs tend to release Oxytocin hormone when they look at you. This is a hormone that promotes bonding. Hence, German Shepherds making eye contact with you is indeed a sign of affection.

It puts itself into vulnerable positions

In the world of animals, they are forced to ensure their security. That is why horses often sleep properly only when one of their mates is around them on alert. (You can read more about horses in our article Most Beautiful Horses in the World) Similarly, dogs have to be vigilant and take care of themselves. But German Shepherds may put themselves into vulnerable positions when they are around you. This is because they trust you. They are so sure that they are safe around you. Likewise, they will sleep on their back and be excited when they see you.

It leans on you

Even though one may get the feeling that some of these traits are mere characteristics. That is not true. Because the general behavior of a unsecured German Shepherd would not be the same as an assured and loved one. If they lean on you that is because they count yourself inside their comfort zones.

It gets you to rub its belly

Another sign of affection that German Shepherds show is letting you rub its belly. As I mentioned earlier, this is a kind of vulnerable position that they do not show when they are around strangers.

It brings things to you

If you do not own a pet dog of your own, I am sure that you have seen enough movies of them. In most of them, we get to see how dogs brings things back to their owners. Even though this is a common trait you have noticed, this is a good sign of affection that German shepherds show. By this trait, they consider you as one who belongs to their pack.

It follows you around

If your German Shepherd follows you that means they love to be around, you. Perhaps you will find this annoying at times. But the more they are following you, the more they love to spend time with you. Perhaps they are the ones who miss you the most.  That is why it is always to nice of you to take them for a walk with you. Surely, German Shepherds will love you and the walk, both.

It keeps pace with you on walks

Furthermore, keeping similar paces is also a German Shepherd sign of affection. When they love to follow you in your walks, they try to keep pace with you too. If they are not interested in your company, they will not try to follow you. If they are following and keeping pace with you, it is a good sign of love.

Relaxed body language

When it comes to body language, it tells us an exhaustive lesson about German Shepherds. They show relaxed body language when they are comfortable around someone. If they love you, they will not be stiff and uncomfortable. Overall body language and his posture also reveal how comfortable he is when you’re around.

Things to consider

today we brought into light German Shepherd Signs of Affection. However, there are lots of other signs of affection that German Shepherds have. Let us discuss them in another article.


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