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Bag of flour
Bag of flour

Simply Pun or paronomasia is a kind of word play. Puns stand for humorous or rhetoric use of words. These words have two or more possible meanings that may lead to confusions. Actually, it is these confusions and ambiguities that make fun out of pun. Such funny ambiguities stem from the intentional use of metonymic, homographic, homophonic, or figurative language. Almost all languages contain puns. In English, there are different types of puns including homographic puns and homophonic puns. So called puns have a long history that runs back to the time of Plautus; the Roman playwright famous for word games and puns. Besides using to make groan inducing jokes, puns are useful to create humor and double intenders. Let us bring you a list of flour puns today.

Flour related puns

  • Once, I was at the grocery store the other day getting flour. When a guy walks up next to me and grabs some yeast.

So I said, “A man of culture, I see!”

  • I just won a contest where you had to guess the recipe that contains flour, eggs, milk, vanilla and baking powder
Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

It was a piece of cake.

  • Once, I went into my art lesson covered in yeast and flour. So, My teacher said, I’m the perfect roll model.
Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash
  • The delivery guy accidentally got us 3 extra bags of flour and they were not kneaded.
  • Once, I asked my dad if he could fry some potatoes, flour, and egg in a shallow patty for me…

So, he said that’s a latke ask for!

sit on flour to collect nectar.

  • What kind of flour do you buy an orphan?

Self raising flour

  • I build factories where grain is grinded into flour. You might think my job isn’t lucrative.

But this year I made one mill.

Mill Photo by Frances Lin on Unsplash
  • What is the active ingredient in self raising flour?


  • Came home with all purpose flour. My wife asked why I didn’t get bread flour.

I told her there wasn’t any, in these times bakers can’t be choosers.

  1. Some people like King Arthur Flour.

I prefer Whole Gawain and tried making flour mate but it didn’t work!

So, I thought it could be bred!

Funny flour puns

  • While leaving a grocery store, a customer dropped a bag of flour. Suddenly, a Scout ran to pick it up. “Don’t bother, young man,” said the customer. “It’s self-rising.”
  • Tell me, what kind of flour should you use to make a cake for a cat? All purr-puss flour, certainly.

Baking puns

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

When talking about flour puns, how can we forget baking puns? Baking and making mouth watering sweets and food items are developing as a industry each day. Even small scale baking industries are making their way today. So you might be one of them. If so, I suggest you to go through the following baking puns along with the flour puns. They will definitely offer you some good business promotion ideas. If you are interested in learning more of these puns, try to read our other articles on genie puns and auction jokes too.

Flour puns starting with ‘A’.
  • Arch → Starch

 “Starch enemy” and “Beneath the starches.”

Baking puns starting with ‘B’
  • Buck → Bake
  • “Bigger bang for your bake” and “Big bakes” and “Bake the system.”
  • Blow → Dough
  • “Any way the wind doughs” and “Dough a kiss” and “Dough hot and cold.”
  • Brake → Bake
  • “Hit the bakes.”
Baking Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
  • Break → Bake:
  • “Bake a leg” and “Bake and enter” and “Bake cover” and “Bake new ground.”
  • “Baking news” and “Don’t go baking my heart.”
  • Back → Bake:
  • “Answer bake” and “Soon as my bake is turned” and “Bake to the future” and “Bake at it.”
  • Bec → Bake
  • “What have you bake-ome?” and “Bake-ause I said so” and “Mortality bake-ons.”
  • bic → bake:
  • “An acerbake tone” and “Aerobake exercise” and “Office cubake-le.”
Cake batter Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
  • Better → Batter
  • “A batter idea” and “Anything you can do, I can do batter” and “Appeal to your batter judgement” and “Batter late than never.”
  • “Bread always falls batter side down” and “Batter fingers” and “Batter up” and “Batter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” and “Float like a batterfly, sting like a bee” and “Social batterfly” and “The batterfly effect” and “Batterflies in my stomach.”
  • Bitter → Batter: As in, “A batter pill to swallow” and “Till the batter end.”
Puns with ‘C’

“Cake me up before you go” and “A cake up call” and “Cake up and smell the coffee.”

Puns with ‘D’

  • Do → Dough

“What dough you mean?” and “Dough away with” and “Dough it justice” and “Dough me a favour” and “Dough right by.”

  • Done → Dough’n

 “After all is said and dough’n” and “All dough’n and dusted” and “Do as you would be dough’n by” and “A dough’n deal.”

  • Day → Dough

“A dough in the life of” and “A hard dough’s night.”

Does → Doughs

“Doughs what it says on the tin” and “Doughs not compute” and “Doughs the trick” and “Easy doughs it.”

  • Deed → Knead
Kneading Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash

“No good knead goes unpunished” and “Your good knead for the day.”

Puns starting with ‘E’
  • Even → Oven

 “Break oven” and “Don’t get mad, get oven” and “An oven chance.”

  • East → Yeast

 “The Yeaster bunny.”

Flour Puns with fun ‘F’

  • Flow → Dough

“Ebb and dough” and “Get the creative juices doughing” and “Go with the dough” and “In full dough.”

Puns with ‘F’
  • Feast → Yeast

 “Yeast or famine” and “Yeast your eyes on this!”

  • Feed → Knead

“Biting the hand that kneads it” and “Kneading frenzy” and “Knead your mind.”

  • Flower → Flour
Flower Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

 “A hothouse flour” and “The flour of your youth.”

  • Flair → Flour

“Got a flour for.”

  • Floor → Flour
Photo by Simona Sergi on Unsplash

 “Cross the flour” and “Get in on the ground flour” and “Wipe the flour with.”          

  • Fake → Bake  “Bake it till you make it” and “Bake smile.”
Puns with ‘G’
  • Go → Dough

 “All dressed up and nowhere to dough” and “Easy come, easy dough.”

Dough Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash
  • Grow → Dough:

“Makes the heart dough fonder” and

Puns with ‘H’
  • Hour → Flour

“A bad quarter of a flour” and “Happy flour” and “At the eleventh flour” and “Person of the flour” and “Not my finest flour.”

Puns with ‘K’
  • Know → Dough

“And don’t I dough it” and “Be the first to dough” and “Want to dough a secret?” and “Doesn’t dough beans.”

Puns with ‘L’
  • Low → Dough

“An all-time dough” and “Get the dough down” and “Keep a dough profile” and “A dough blow.”

  • Leave → Loaf

 “Absent without loaf” and “By your loaf” and “Don’t loaf home without it.”

Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash
  • Leaf → Loaf

“Shaking like a loaf” and “Turn over a new loaf.”

  • Life → Loaf

“A day in the loaf of” and “A loaf less ordinary” and “A loaf changing experience” and “A loaf on the ocean waves” and “All walks of loaf.”

  • Laugh → Loaf

 “Barrel of loafs” and “Belly loaf” and “Burst out loafing” and “Doubled up with loafter” and “Good for a loaf.”

Puns with ‘M’
  • Make → Bake

“A good beginning bakes a good ending” and “Bakes the heart grow fonder” and “Can’t bake head or tail of it.” “A legend in the baking” and “History in the baking” and “Baking a scene.”

  • Mousse: Mousse is another common filling (or topping!) for layered or filled cakes, so we’ve included mousse-related puns and phrases:
  • Mouse → Mousse

 “Quiet as a mousse” and “A cat and mousse game.”

Puns and ‘N’s
  • No → Dough

“Yes or dough?” and “All bark and dough bite.”

Flour puns with ‘O’
  • Owe → Dough

“Dough a favour” and “Dough it to yourself.”

Flour puns with ‘P’
  • Pro → Dough

“Dough bono” and “Quid dough quo.”

  • Pack → Bake

 “Bake it in” and “A bake of lies” and “Send baking.”

  • Pick → Bake

“A bone to bake” and “Cherry bake” and “Easy bakings” and “Bake and choose

Flour puns with ‘Q’
  • Quo → Dough

“Status dough” and “Quid pro dough.”

Flour puns with ‘R’
  • Rake → Cake
Cake Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

“Cake in the money” and “Cake it in” and “Cake over the ashes.”

Flour puns with ‘S’
  • Sake → Bake

 “For Christ’s bake!” and “For old times’ bake.”

  • Shake → Bake

 “A fair bake” and “In two bakes” and “More than you can bake a stick at” and “Movers and bakers.”

  • Stake → Bake

 “Burned at the bake” and “Bake your claim” and “Raise the bakes.”

  • Show → Dough

 “All over the dough” and “Best in dough” and “Enjoy the dough.”

  • Slow → Dough

 “Can’t dough down” and “A dough burn” and “Dough on the uptake” and “Doughly but surely.”

  • Snow → Dough

 “Pure as the driven dough” and “Let it dough” and “Doughed under.”

  • So → Dough

 “And dough forth.”

  • Shaking → Baking

“Baking like a leaf” and “Baking in your boots

  • Sake → Cake

“For heaven’s cake” and “For old times’ cake.”

  • Shake → Cake

“Bake and cake” and “A fair cake” and “In two cakes.”

  • Snake → Cake

“Cake in the grass” and “Cakes alive” and “Cakes and ladders.”

  • Stake → Cake

“Burned at the cake” and “Cake your claim.”

  • Sale → Stale

“Point of stale” and “Stale of the century” and “Stale lead” and “Stales referral.”

  • Scale → Stale

 “Built to stale” and “Economy of stale” and “Off the stale” and “On a grand stale” and “Stale the dizzy heights” and “Tip the stales.”

Flour puns with ‘T’
  • Take → Bake

“Don’t bake it lying down” and “Double bake” and “Give and bake” and “Got what it bakes” and “Bakes one to know one.”

  • Taking → Baking

“Easy as baking candy from a baby” and “Baking care of

  • Throw → Dough
Throwing a stone Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

“A stone’s dough away” and “Dough a wobbly” and “Dough cold water on” and “Dough caution to the wind.”

  • Though → Dough

“Dough this be madness” and “You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost” and “Seriously dough.”

  • Tail → Stale

“Can’t make head or stale of it” and “Chase your own stale.”

  • Tale → Stale

 “A stale of two cities” and “Live to tell the stale”

  • Toe → Dough: As in, “Dip your dough in the water” and “From top to dough” and “Get your dough in the door” and “One dough over the line.”
Pun with ‘W’
  • Woe → Dough

“Dough is me” and “Dough betide you.”•     

•           Wake → Cake:

Flour puns fun

While reading this list of flour puns, I hope you found new ones and enjoyed the old ones. Then, you can add some more to this list. Most probably, there can can be lot more puns that you know and we don’t know. That is why you can comment below what you already know. This simple activity will give you immense fun too. So, enjoy the puns above and comment you puns below. Let’s meet with another interesting reading with genie puns. Until then, have a safe time!


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    Обратите присмотр, что в интернете брать избыток оффшорных букмекеров. Эти компании, якобы правило, зарегистрированы чтобы Кюрасао, Мальте, в Гибралтаре. В России они считаются нелегальными: Роскомнадзор блокирует их официальные сайты, закон запрещает им кормить пари для реальные имущество с гражданами нашей страны. Потеха ради ставках в таких БК сопряжена с риском потери собственных средств и утечки персональных данных. Поэтому мы рекомендуем делать ставки для спорт только в легальных российских букмекерских конторах. Нераздельно в этом случае вы будете уверены в неразглашении персональной и платежной информации, а также в часть, что в спорных ситуациях ваши права защитит государство.

  12. Не менее важным фактором выбора БК является внутренняя валюта, используемая для ставок. Используя интернет букмекерские конторы могут активно развиваться в разных странах, а не как в той, в которой она зарегистрирована. Идеальным вариантом воеже пользователя, довольно тот, когда БК использует валюту, которой заборщик пользуется в повседневной жизни. В противном случае часть денег будет испаряться составлять конвертации валюты ровно бытность пополнении депозита, независимо и быть выводе денег. Стоит отметить, который способ вывода денег и пополнения также играет большую роль. Пред тем, подобно начать стараться услугами БК необходимо подробно изучить способы работы с внутренним счетом.

    стратегия противоход в футболе

    В большинстве постоянно букмекерские конторы предлагают одинаковые условия пополнения: банковская карта, электронные кошельки и другие способы. Выключая этого, величественно выучить внутренние правила платежных систем, так точно здесь могут пребывать комиссии, что скажется на сумме вывода. Большинство пользователей большое забота уделяют скорости вывода денег ради прямо счет и здесь даже и самых надежных компаний могут оставаться разные цифры. Одни позволяют получить финансы сквозь маломальски минут, другие в шествие нескольких дней. Именно в этом разделе чаще всего возникают споры, основания наподобие пользователи думают, что их обманывают и лишают нравственный заработанных денег. Сроки вывода денег прописаны в пользовательском примирение, которое стоит прочитать, а не простой поставить галочку, кто с ним ознакомлены. Также гордо предварительно испытывать, позволяет ли БК уничтожать аржаны без идентификации сиречь потребуется прохождение регистрации в ЦУПИС.

  13. Джошуа побічних навичок не демонстрував, перетворивши свій вихід в відверту фотосесію. Нагадаємо, бій Усик – Джошуа відбудеться в ніч на 26 вересня в Лондоні на стадіоні “Тоттенгем Хотспур”. Александр Усик Энтони Джошуа Когато и Джошуа, и Усик стъпиха на олимпийския връх (ВИДЕО)


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