Casablanca Spice: The ideal Morocco market for the best spice


    Casablanca Spice is famous historically and culturally because of its origin. The name Casablanca comes from the central spice market in Casablanca in Morocco. Casablanca spice market is located on a Muhammad V Boulevard which is a picturesque architectural beauty of 20th century. In other words, it is located opposite to the central market Tramway station.

    History of Casablanca market

    Casablanca spice: Photo by Akhil Chandran on Unsplash

    This market was designed by Pierre Bousquet and the construction ended in 1917. This market in Casablanca is the most important European Ville Nouvelle. Once this place was bombed in 1953 by Muhammad Zarqtuni.

    Casablanca spice and other products

    Casablanca spice is the most popular item in this market. Besides it is an ideal marketplace for fresh sea food including oysters and shark meat. However, Casablanca market is hardly limited to one area. This market pictures an image of a lovely market in the story books. That is why flowers, handicrafts and woven items are a common section in this market. However, today our focus is on Casablanca spices and related herbs sold in this market. 

    Casablanca spice

    Most of the experienced travellers and inhabitants nearby Casablanca market have positive impressions on Casablanca spice. Unlike small grocery shops, this market has huge piles of quality spice amassed in front of each boutique. Their vibrant colours remind you of the happy festival of Holy celebrated by Indians with lots of colours.

    Well, coming back to the spices, people are of the view that their taste and warm aroma give Casablanca market a unique identification. This particular spice is ideal match for tajins, roast, couscous, or rice.

    Casablanca spice mix

    As you have learnt about Casablanca spice and spice market, you will find it interesting to learn the ingredients of Casablanca mix.

    Casablanca spice mix: Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

    Ingredients:    (All are as 1/2 teaspoons except pinch ground cloves)

    ground cumin

    ground coriander

    finely grated orange rind

    dried parsley

    chilly powder

    ground ginger

    lemon pepper




    1 pinch ground cloves

    Commonest spice in Moroccan cuisine

    Moroccan cuisine includes traditional recipes such as Moroccan salad, the Tagins, the pastilla, the Harira, the Mechoui, the Couscous and Moroccan pastries rich with Casablanca spice such as cumin, ginger, paprika and coriander. 


    Cumin is the mostly used spice in Moroccan cuisine. Especially it adds spicy and warm taste to dishes. Hence it is a compulsory ingredient for dishes like Couscous and Tagins. In order to maintain a mesmerising aroma of cumin, the best practise is to add it at the end of the cooking. 


    Arab parsley/Coriander is also playing a vital role as one of the Casablanca spice. Fresh coriander is added to Tagins, Minced meat balls and soups etc.


    Fresh ginger as a spicy peppery is a very good choice that you can add to dishes as a juice. Even though its natural quality decreases when it comes in the form of a dried powder, its application makes any dish interesting and refreshing. Furthermore, it is good as anti-inflammatory and for burning fat. Irrespective of the type of food, it goes well with either salty or sweet food.


    Paprika is a native spice of Hungary. It has a mild spiciness combined with sweet, bitter and perfect aromatic quality. Therefore, Paprika is a handy choice for those who look for spicy taste milder than that of the chillies.

    Black pepper

    Black pepper/Ibzar pepper comes in varied colours such as black, white and grey. Their colour has something to do with its aroma as well. Since pepper is an unforgettable ingredient in each dish of Moroccan culture, black pepper has added an undying fascination for Casablanca spice.


    Turmeric/Kharkhoum is not purely a Moroccan origin. Hence it is harvested in Asia and powdered in Morocco. Apart from its main task as a natural colouring, turmeric is a good perfume for soups, couscous, tagins and a perfect regulator for food acidity in some dishes. Furthermore, it equally serves as an antioxidant, and its anti-inflammatory nature together eliminates gastric acidity and digestive disorders.

    Spice : Photo by Agnieszka Kowalczyk on Unsplash

    Cinnamon/Carfa is not a mere spice but a challenging determinant that has changed history with its necessity. In days of yore, the dexterous sailors have reached lands rich with Cinnamon like Ceylon and had turning points in history. Due to the long history and its uses, some people call cinnamon as the ‘Queen of spices’. However, coming to the point, there are two types of cinnamon.

                  Finest Ceylon cinnamon

                  Darker Chinese cinnamon

    Basically, cinnamon has its use as for sweets and savoury recipes as well. Hence, Asia and African counties add it for savory recipes such as Tagins and Pastilla while in the Western countries, it is used for cakes, dairy desserts, sweets like ice-creams.


    Garlic/Touma also has an Asian origin but has a perfect match a Casablanca spice of Moroccan cuisine. So that, garlic serves for better blood circulation and as a good anti-biotic as well.

    Cloves-Casablanca spice: Photo by Amitha A R on Unsplash

    The simplest thing to remember about cloves is its pungent flavour. Besides, it is a perfect Casablanca spice that goes well with rice and fish.

    Saffron-Casablanca spice: Photo by Vera De on Unsplash

    Saffron is available in two forms such as filaments and powder. Its colour and flavour is very much appealing for soups, filaments for rice and braised meat.

    Last word on Casablanca spice

    I hope we have shed some light on Casablanca spice as an introduction. Most of all, I need to emphasize these spices have preventive care included in their qualities. So, most of the Moroccan and Asian dishes use a lot of spice in their cuisine. Some of these spices are of multiple uses. Some of the other spices are unique for one use. No matter what, all of them have an incomparable characteristic of their own.

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